This post convinced me to say something about my experiences as woman student and philosopher. My story isn’t tragic or unusual. I think it is pretty typical. However, I think my experiences may highlight one reason why women are underrepresented in philosophy. Just one of many reasons, probably. My high school honors history teacher was the first teacher who really seemed to think […]

Imagine a lifelong pickpocket, Ted, for whom pickpocketing comes so naturally that he steals as a matter of habit. Ted is hurrying across a busy train station one day, intending to pick up his friend from a train. He has no plan to pickpocket during this errand, but once home Ted finds a strange wallet […]

You can find my guest blog post on Kerry Gutridge’s fantastic new website here.

Last year’s post on the numbers went viral, so I don’t feel the need to discuss the new GRE data in any detail here. But once again, philosophy majors proved to be excellent GRE takers. There is a nice discussion of the new data here. Do smart college students like philosophy? Or does philosophy make […]

I just completed a draft version of a book chapter for a volume titled From Personality to Virtue, edited by Jon Webber (Cardiff) and Alberto Marsala (Universite Paris IV-Sorbonne). The book is the result of an excellent conference organized by Jon and Alberto on virtue theory, and is now under consideration at OUP. This is my first […]

At this recent conference in Florence I presented a paper on how legal scholar Stephen Morse uses John Searle’s non-reductive theory to critique the utility of neuroscience to law. Michael S. Moore, also at the conference, proved to be a very strong ally in my attempts to convince Stephen that non-reductivism is wrong-headed. (That is to say, Michael made many of the […]

I’m very excited to be speaking at a conference in early summer on Stephen Morse’s important work in neurolaw. The conference aims to take critical appraisal of Professor Morse’s views, in hope of providing him with useful reflections as he turns his attention to writing his upcoming book Desert and Disease: Responsibility and Social Control. The conference will run over […]


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